The ordinance will be discussed Tuesday. It proposes a first-time fine of $50, followed by fines of $75 then $300 for repeat offenses.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

INDIANA, Pa. (KDKA) – Indiana borough leaders are considering an ordinance that would fine people not wearing masks.

The borough council will meet virtually Tuesday night at 7 p.m. to decide whether residents and people visiting or working in Indiana should be fined for not wearing masks.

The ordinance proposes a first offense fine of $50. Another offense results in a $75 fine, and a third will leave the repeat offender with a $300 fine. It’s possible someone could be issued a written warning instead of getting hit with a $50 fine.

The ordinance would go into effect on Sept. 1 and would last until Dec. 31, 2020 or whenever the secretary of health rescinds the state’s mandatory mask order.

Right now, it’s required to wear a mask in any public space in Pennsylvania.

You can read the borough’s mask ordinance online. The meeting Tuesday will be open to the public.