PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The future of Greek life is uncertain at the University of Pittsburgh after school leaders temporarily suspended nine Greek chapters.

The Greek chapters at Pitt do not know what will happen next. They had two meetings Wednesday with campus leaders, but they also said they do not know what rules were violated or who reported them.

The five sororities and four fraternities face temporary suspension.

“There’s no sports teams being held accountable and it’s mostly female organizations being targeted,” said a leader at one of the local chapters who wanted to remain anonymous. “The culture that Pitt is perpetuating between its students of these hotlines that you can call in and make these anonymous tips, I wanted to be a voice for my girls and stand up and say this is not OK.”

KDKA’s Meghan Schiller reached out to the university and learned it started an investigation into five chapters on Aug. 19, placing them on “interim suspension of registration.”

Five days later, four more were placed on “interim suspension of registration,” restricting the students from campus and all university facilities.

The university emphasized, “your actions have consequences.” Greek leaders call this picking and choosing.

“I feel like if they’re going to do that, then just make it a level playing field and suspend every organization for the year — football, soccer, softball, volunteer life, Greek life, everything,” the leader said.

A Pitt spokesperson said the university cannot release any specifics about the violations.

Meghan Schiller