As President Trump spoke, local leaders reacted in real-time.By Lisa Washington

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Reaction to President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention is not hard to find.

On Thursday night, he officially accepted his party’s nomination to run for a second term.

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The speech lasted around 70 minutes and covered a myriad of topics including the coronavirus pandemic.

Local leaders didn’t waste any time responding to President Trump’s speech.

First, Senator Bob Casey tweeted, “Imagine being proud of your coronavirus response when 180,000 Americans are dead.”

Republican Sean Parnell, who is running for Congress to unseat Democrat Conor Lamb, also took to Twitter.

As expected, Parnell praised President Trump’s speech.

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“Tonight, [Donald Trump] showed once more that he is the true leader who will stand on that shining city upon a hill and fight for America. I am proud to support him and honored that he is our commander-in-chief. Four more years.”

During the speech, President Trump mentioned his opponent in the election, Democrat Joe Biden, by name more than 40 times.

Just like Casey and Parnell, Biden logged on to Twitter to respond to the president’s speech.

He said, “Donald Trump calls himself a wartime president, but now instead of leading the charge to fight the virus, he’s waving the white flag. He abandoned the American people when we needed him most.”

Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, also weighed in.

“Let’s be clear: at the beginning, Trump was convinced if his administration focused on the virus it would hurt the market and hurt his chances of being re-elected. That mattered more to him than saving American lives.”

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The president will return to the campaign trail on Friday, hosting a rally in New Hampshire at an airport hanger.