The couple packed up their truck and is headed to Sulphur, Louisiana.By Nicole Ford

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A couple from Pittsburgh is on their way to Louisiana to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

“We don’t have a boat, but we have a chainsaw, we have a hammer, we have axes and tarps,” said Maddy Rogers.

Rogers and her husband packed up their truck Friday morning to head to Sulphur, Louisiana.

“Louisiana will always be home to me and my family and our kids so seeing them impacted was difficult,” Rogers told KDKA.

The couple moved to Pittsburgh just over a year ago from the Cajun State so both took off work to spend a week in the heart of destruction.

“As a mother, I think it takes a toll on me how many kids are out there. It’s just very heartbreaking, heart aching, gut wrenching, roller coaster of emotions, but you cry once and you suck it up and you go help as much as you can,” Rogers said.

Together with Blake Braneff of the Cajun Navy Relief Group, Rogers was able to gather donations from fellow Pittsburghers to take on the trip.

“What they are needing is lots of pet supplies, cages, dog food, water for workers, fans for the shelters, they need all this stuff and they need it fast,” Braneff told KDKA.

While every little bit helps, these organizations are asking not just for supplies, but people’s time.

“We are going to check on his nanny’s house over there in Sulpher and then after that we are just going to go where we are needed,” Rogers said.

The couple hopes to arrive in Louisiana at some point on Saturday.