Officials say the virus is still a threat, even to young people. A teenager caused an outbreak, exposing 40 people in two weeks.By Nicole Ford

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – As the coronavirus pandemic hits the six month mark, Allegheny County Health Department leaders continue working through its many impacts.

On Wednesday, the county board of health met to ask questions and get updates from Dr. Debra Bogen. The overall concern is now shifting from restaurants to children and sports.

The board announced that over the last month, it received a record-breaking number of people calling with questions about COVID-19.

“We did hear you loud and clear, but sport spectators is not something I can address here at the county health department,” Bogen said.

Bogen repeatedly said the spectator restrictions for sports is not a county ruling. Later Wednesday, the Wolf administration updated guidance to no longer bans spectators from school sports, but gathering restrictions must still be followed.

“Comments that we get from the public is that this just really isn’t that bad. It’s just like the flu and we shouldn’t be that upset about it,” Bogen said.

After gathering flu and coronavirus date for the country, state and county, Bogen said she wants to counter the argument.

“It’s a much more serious infection for people and we have way higher death rates,” Bogen said.

With schools reopening, Bogen said children and young adults may not get as sick, but the issue is how fast they will be able to spread the virus.

Bogen referenced a graphic that showed 40 people were exposed in two weeks: “We had a teenager who developed symptoms and within two weeks this is the diagram of it spreading to coworkers, family members to other people in that teen’s community.”

The outbreak happened right in Allegheny County and it’s that type of situation county leaders are concerned about moving forward.

“Unfortunately, they spread it to vulnerable populations because of where they work, go to school; but if people wear their masks, we should be able to reduce this type of outbreak as much as possible,” Bogen said.

While the case numbers continue to trend down, testing numbers could increase with universities back in session.

As for the coronavirus task force, the team continues to check businesses and restaurants. To date, they’ve visited 2,070 establishments.