Romir Talley's family wants the officer fired and charged with their son's death.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

WILKINSBURG (KDKA) – The family of a Black man shot and killed by police in Wilkinsburg was in attendance at Wednesday night’s council meeting demanding answers and accountability.

Romir Talley’s mother was among those questioning councilmembers about her son’s death.

According to the Talley family’s attorney, this is the fourth time they have gone to a council meeting.

Wilkinsburg’s mayor was not at the meeting.

“We’re here talking to the council and absolutely nothing has changed,” said Paul Jubas, the family’s attorney. “They haven’t done anything. They’re basically just saying ‘oh well, you need to go talk to the mayor, Marita Garrett.’ So, things are going to continue to get even more tense. It’s incredibly important this council starts taking action.”

The family wants Officer Robert Gowans to be fire and then charged with Talley’s death.

Police allege that Talley Fired at officers first when he ran from them in December.