Adoptable pets featured weekly from Animal Friends and Orphans of the Storm!

Are you looking to bring a pet into your home? Local animal shelters are a great place to find a furry companion. So, as part of Furry Tails, I’ll be doing an ongoing feature on adoptable pets from local animal shelters once a week. If you have room in your heart and are looking to bring a lovable ball of fur into your home, maybe one of these guys is meant to be a part of your family!


Animal Friends

(Photo Courtesy: Animal Friends)

Animal Friends Pet Profile:
This big, handsome guy is Kilo! He found his way to Animal Friends after a new baby in his family developed allergies. Kilo can be a very friendly boy and enjoys giving gentle head butts. He can be uncomfortable moving to new spaces so it will help his transition if his family can provide him with his own space as he adapts to his new home.


If you can help, come to Animal Friends at 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15237 or call 412-847-7000. For more information on how you can adopt any of the pets at Animal Friends, visit their website here!

Snickers & Zoey

Orphans of the Storm

(Photo Courtesy: Orphans of the Storm)

Orphans of the Storm Pet Profile:
Snickers lived with dogs and cats. He also lived with a 10-year-old boy.

Snickers likes attention and being fussed over. He is house trained, neutered and vaccinated. He is good with kids, dogs and cats. Call us to meet Snickers!

(Photo Courtesy: Orphans of the Storm)

Orphans of the Storm Pet Profile:
Zoey came to us as a stray. She was wandering on a road and was saved from being hit.

Zoey is happy, friendly, and wags her tail a lot! She is very affectionate and wants to be near you. Zoey is always happy about going outside and she gets excited when you talk to her in a silly voice. She is an easy walker and doesn’t pull on her leash. Zoey seems to be generally calm and gentle. She curls up and lays down on her bed in her kennel.

She also likes to play fetch, especially with squeaky toys!

Click the link to learn more about pet adoption at Orphans of the Storm in Kittanning, Armstrong County! Or call them at this number: 724-548-4520.

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