The "Stop The Station Coalition" organized the block party.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – On Sunday in East Liberty, dozens of people gathered for a “Stop The Station” block party.

The purpose of the block party was to voice their opposition to the relocation of the Zone 5 Police Station.

The city is proposing to move the station from Washington Boulevard back to a building on North Euclid Avenue.

It originally moved from there back in 2007.

Members of the community say they don’t feel that bringing back police officers would benefit East Liberty.

“We believe, as a coalition and as a community, that bringing the police closer to this park that we’re having a block party in today, is bad,” said Jalina McClarin. “This block is used by a lot of working-class Black families, kids, and having the police in such close proximity is simply a danger.”

The “Stop The Station Coalition” is also demanding the city stop any police-related capital budget projects and rededicate those funds to housing and social services.