Students in the district are having laptops recalled to help fix a security flaw.By Lindsay Ward

WEST MIFFLIN (KDKA) — As students get ready to log in for another Monday of online learning, kids in one district are set to begin turning in their devices.

In just a few hours, students will begin returning to the school to hand in their laptops.

The district says some students who are doing the remote learning had some issues in their first week.

In a message sent to parents, the West Mifflin Area School District, along with their technology department are working on not only resolving device issues for students — they say they’re also adding security updates.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

District leaders are doing this to make sure students have a safe, remote learning experience.

In a statement provided to KDKA, Superintendent Jeffrey Soles said the following:

“Our internet software filtering vendor changed their cloud infrastructure without advance warning. Which necessitates us in recalling all District laptops to assure the safety of our students. Furthermore, during the first week of school we uncovered a few internal issues that will need to be rectified as well.  At no time during the first week were our students in jeopardy or vulnerable to outside interference or subjected materials.  We want to thank our students and parents for their cooperation and patience during this inconvenience.”


It was just last week that KDKA reported the safety breach for Trinity Area and Pittsburgh Public School Districts.

Both experienced inappropriate content in online classes while their kids were learning.

For West Mifflin here are times and locations for students to have their devices updated based on the grade they’re in.

This updating for the devices will be happening all week.