The women, many who work in jobs that are mentally and physically exhausting, got some much-needed "me time" in Braddock today.By Lindsay Ward

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Frontline workers have been working hard through the pandemic, and Wednesday was time time to show they’re appreciated.

Women inside a vibrant, colorful building along Braddock Avenue were treated with a shopping spree. It’s something they say they’ve never experienced before.

With a stylist by their side, the women sifted through brand new sweaters and pants. Many work in jobs that are mentally and physically exhausting.

“We have gas station attendants, we have fast food workers, CNA, hospice workers,” said For Good co-founder Gisele Barreto-Fetterman.

They’re grabbing what they need to look their best, head to toe. It’s part of the non-profit For Good.

“It’s this broad umbrella, in that we want to do good, there’s a lot of people who want to do good — how do we come together to do that?” said Barreto-Fetterman.

Fifty women who work in essential jobs got to choose a few outfits, jewelry and shoes.

“It was so much fun, because usually it’s like jeans, leggings, that’s it,” said Tyler Machajewski, a Millvale volunteer firefighter.

All of the clothing, around $20,000 worth, was donated from Banana Republic and Old Navy.

“I got some black and white pants, again would’ve never chose them for myself but they fit really nicely,” said Machajewski.

And while the experience was a fun one, the feeling of being appreciated for these women was more.

“Before this, you really didn’t get the thank-yous, so it was really nice to have something just for us,” said Machajewski.

“It’s amazing! So it’s a day they can relax and feel special and feel loved,” said Barreto-Fetterman.

If there’s clothing or other items left behind, they plan on having another event like this one in the future.