Inside the car, police allegedly found about 2,400 heroin stamp bags, several other drugs and $12,000 in cold hard cash.By Ross Guidotti

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) – According to Greensburg police, Brandon Carter’s problems began when some employees at a Sheetz in Greensburg got a little worried about him.

“Found a male either passed out or sleeping inside a vehicle, and they attempted to wake him up but were unable to do so,” said Greensburg Captain Shawn Denning.

The 35-year-old Charleroi man didn’t wake up until Greensburg police showed up. Police say he told them he was there to see his “girl.”

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Court records show Carter’s situation went from bad to worse. Investigators say he was disoriented, sweating heavily and looking around his car. Police began to think there was more to it.

Police asked Carter if he had anything suspicious in his car, and he replied saying he had some marijuana.

But police say there was a lot more than that inside the vehicle.

“Approximately 48 bricks of heroin, which is around 2,400 stamp bags of heroin, two bags of cocaine, several hundred Xanax pills, over 100 suboxone strips and pills he had no prescription for,” Denning said.

He also allegedly had a stolen handgun, and investigators say Carter wasn’t exactly short on money either. Police say $12,000 in cash was found inside the car.

Carter, also wanted on warrants, was taken into custody at the scene. This amount of drugs and money, not to mention the alleged stolen gun, is a good-sized bust. Police say they couldn’t have done it alone.

“We give credit where it’s due to the staff and the employees at the Sheetz, that they were aware enough to contact police. And it has led to several arrests in the past,” said Denning.

Carter is now in the Westmoreland County Jail facing multiple felony drug counts. He’s held on $50,000 bond.