The woman claimed to be from child protective services when she attempted to kidnap a girl from her home.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

LOGAN COUNTY, W. Va (KDKA) – A mother in West Virginia said she was terrified when a stranger attempted to kidnap her daughter right in her own home.

The suspect posed as an employee of child protective services and said they were investigating drug accusations.

Porsha Bias said the woman claimed that she was checking her daughter for bruises and was going to have to take her away.

Police were also stunned by the case.

“Generally, in a situation like this, someone tries to take a child, there’s an ongoing custody battle, some situation,” said Captain M.C. Sutherland of the Logan County Sheriff’s Department. “But there’s nothing, there’s nothing in that sense occurring here. This is just, I’m not going to say random. I can’t say for certain why this child was attempted to be kidnapped.”

The suspect was able to get away from the home but was captured on surveillance video.

Police are currently searching for the woman.