PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With four children under the age of five, Amy and Ryan Bruckner need a drink. When they spotted a rusty old pony trailer on the side of the road, the idea for the “Parched Pony” was born.

“We just drove up to the farm and kind of randomly asked if we could take a look at it and make an offer.”

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The couple fell in love with the trailer “and the next morning we closed the deal over Venmo,” said Ryan Brucker.

It’s a split-second decision this Washington County couple calls ‘The Parched Pony.’

“I said if this would have been around when we got married, I would have wanted it,” said Amy Bruckner.

The Bruckner’s dreamed to turn the rusty shell into the chicest mobile bar.

“We wanted this to be something that like could be at a corporate event or a charity, something that could come off as like really upscale,” said Amy.

Thankfully, Ryan’s dad knows his way around some sheet metal.

“I called him and said ‘hey dad we bought an old pony trailer, we’re going to bring home.’ He just laughed and said ‘what’d you do that for?'”

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But the three put in the work and immediately received a call from a friend.

“They said do you think it would be ready for September 19? And we were like hmmm”

“We were putting the final bolts in the day before the wedding.”

And once the hill-top wedding pictures hit Instagram, things took off.

“Just without even having a live website yet and no advertising…we’ve probably had over 20 inquiries already,” said Ryan.

The two don’t plan to quit their day jobs, but hope ‘The Parched Pony’ brings people together at a time we need it most.

“Just to have people like gather a little bit again, even if it’s outside or socially distanced, like, I just feel like people need that right now and are excited about that in general and I think the mobile bar kind of ties into all that,” said Amy.

The two know that they won’t be able to run the business with their full-time jobs and little kids, but hope a young person looking to manage a growing business will step up and take the reigns on this pony.

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If that person sounds like you, reach out to them on Instagram.