A 25-year-old is accused of pulling the other driver out of her car by her hair. Witnesses told police he then slammed her on the ground, threatening to kill her.By Ross Guidotti

SEWICKLEY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – According to investigators, it all started with a typical minor accident in the parking lot of the Boot Scoot’n Saloon in Sewickley Township. But according to state police, things escalated quickly.

Investigators say 25-year Anthony Weber III of Hermine was in one of the cars involved in what’s been described as a fender bender. According to court records, Weber became violent and attacked the female driver of the car that struck his vehicle.

“While she was trying to get out of the vehicle, he grabs her by the hair and rips her out of the car,” state trooper Stephen Limani told KDKA.

Witnesses told investigators Weber slammed the young woman on the ground, threatening to kill her.

According to court records, Weber took off and the victim called state police, who showed up and started taking a statement from the victim. Around that same time, the victim got a call. It was from a friend of Weber. When she answered, Weber was on the other line.

He allegedly insulted her and threatened her, so she hit the speaker for the trooper to listen.

Limani said, “That was one of the things that made it easy for our investigation, as opposed to he said-she said situation.”

Weber also allegedly made threats and comments on social media to the victim for hours after the incident. State troopers located Weber afterward and charged him with assault, terroristic threats and other counts.

He’s free Thursday night, awaiting a preliminary hearing on assault and harassment charges on Nov. 16.