James Mann is accused of falsifying time sheets and threatening an officer who he then allegedly improperly suspended.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

AMBRIDGE, Pa. (KDKA) – The suspended Ambridge police chief goes to trial Monday on several charges.

Prosecutors say James Mann stole $67,000 from the borough by falsifying time sheets.

He’s also accused of improperly suspending an officer for leaving a housing detail to assist another officer in helping a sexual assault victim, which was a standard practice in the department. Police say Mann threatened the officer before suspending him.


State police brought the first set of criminal charges against Mann on Aug. 23 in 2018, alleging crimes such as insurance fraud, false swearing, threats to harm other officers, as well as other charges.

More charges were filed against him in 2019.

Mann had been the police chief for five years before he was placed on leave and then suspended in the summer of 2018.

Mann has denied the charges, saying he did nothing intentionally and didn’t defraud anyone.

Mark Romutis was appointed the acting police chief. He died of a stroke and coronavirus in April.