The 28-year-old woman remains a fugitive of the law.By Ross Guidotti

MASONTOWN, Pa. (KDKA) — A Fayette County woman is accused of slashing her mother with a knife, stealing her purse and trying to blow up her house.

Police in Masontown say Kelly French is a dangerous woman with a history of violence.

“We’ve dealt with her a few times,” Scott Miller, Masontown police chief, told KDKA’s Ross Guidotti.

The 28-year-old woman, already out on bond for attempted murder last year, is facing the same charges after an alleged incident at her mother’s house on Peach Street on Tuesday afternoon. Police say French ambushed her mom inside the home with a knife, slashing the woman several times before stealing her purse and taking off.

According to investigators, when French’s mom returned to the home after being treated for the injuries she suffered at the hands of her daughter, she found disturbing things inside.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

All the light bulbs were busted, all the light switches were on, the stove was turned off but the knobs were removed, and the power to the home was shut off. It’s believed the 28-year-old woman did this with the intent blow up the home and anyone inside, police said.

“She had been staying with her mother, but they made her leave that residence a week or so ago,” Miller said.

In addition to these latest charges, French is accused of helping in the torture and beating of a man in 2019. The victim alleging French, along with two others, tied him up, beat him and cut him before he was able to escape.

In 2018, French’s boyfriend was gunned down inside the same home as the two other incidents.

A jury acquitted Christopher Shellhammer in October of 2019 in the shooting. Shellhammer claimed he too was the victim of an attempted abduction and assault by Michael Shane Henrick after allegedly being lured to the home by French, who promised Shellhammer “smoke and play”.

French remains a fugitive of the law.