WASHINGTON (KDKA) – It’s been six months since a stimulus package was passed – offering relief to millions of Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, President Donald Trump tweeted about the efforts by Congress to pass a stimulus package, saying he was calling off his negotiations with Democrats until after the election.

Then, in a stunning reversal, the president tweeted the following:

“If I am sent a Stand Alone Bill for Stimulus Checks – $1200, they will go out to our great people IMMEDIATELY. I am ready to sign right now. Are you listening Nancy?”

He tagged several people in the tweet, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

President Trump also added that the House and Senate should “IMMEDIATELY” approve $25 billion for airline payroll support and $135 billion for paycheck protection for small businesses.

He claimed those programs would be fully funded by unused funds from the CARES Act.

Congressman Conor Lamb continued to call for relief in a bipartisan manner, saying on October 1: “We need a bipartisan deal that can actually be signed into law and get money into the hands of people who need it right now. And we all know that won’t happen with this HEROES bill.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi responded to President Trump with the following:

“Once again, President Trump showed his true colors, putting himself first at the expense of the country, with the full complicity of the GOP members of Congress. Walking away from coronavirus talks demonstrates that President Trump is unwilling to crush the virus, as is required by the HEROES Act. He shows his contempt for science, his disdain for our heroes.”

The CARES Act was passed in the spring and that was responsible for providing the $1,200 stimulus checks some Americans received. It also assisted with other deferrals and paycheck protection.

The House of Representatives has passed two seperate versions of the HEROES Act, once on May 15.

Then, on October 1, an updated HEROES Act, costing $2.2 trillion, was passed by the House.

The Senate has not taken a vote on either.

Negotiations between Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have been ongoing but there is still no agreement between Democrats and Republicans.

Lisa Washington