A potential coronavirus vaccine may not be recommended for kids, at least not at first.By Lindsay Ward

WASHINGTON (KDKA) – The CDC says at first, COVID-19 vaccines may not be recommended for children. They released that information on Wednesday.

It’s based on their early clinical trials for various coronavirus vaccines. The CDC says only non-pregnant adults participated in those trials. However, they look to continue to expand those recruited to participate.

Locally, the University of Pittsburgh has been working on treatments and therapies that could treat COVID-19.

It has been reported that children rarely have severe COVID-19 symptoms, but they can pass it on to people of high risk. Many vaccines are currently being developed and tested, according to the CDC, and some might be ready before others.

They also say there might be a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines before the end of the year, but expect the supply to increase in the weeks and months that follow.

We should note, at this time, there is no approved vaccine for the coronavirus but there are some companies in their final stages of experimental vaccines.

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