Secretary Kathy Boockvar is urging voters to be patient and says counties have been overwhelmed with mail-in ballots.By Paul Martino

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Amid complaints about mail-in ballots, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state defended the process.

Secretary Kathy Boockvar says there is no need to worry about the integrity of the election. She says it is a proven system that is safe.

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KDKA receives complaints daily from voters who say they have not received their ballot or cannot find a record of it online. Boockvar is urging voters to be patient. She says counties have been overwhelmed with mail-in ballots but they are catching up.

“Not that they have gotten off the huge majority of ballots in the mail, the counties will be able to shift toward processing the incoming ones. Voters should not worry,” Boockvar said.

Boockvar is adamant that the election is secure. She says absentee voters are double- and triple-checked using their driver’s license and social security number. Boockvar claims there is a lot of “disinformation” concerning absentee ballots.

“This is disinformation,” Boockvar said. “This is a deliberate attempt out there to undercut voters’ confidence in the election. To be honest, Pennsylvanians have been voting by absentee ballot for decades.”

The secretary of state promises ballots that have not been mailed or processed should be getting cleared up this week. And again, she insists there is no corruption of the system.


“My message to the voters is to not believe the hype, don’t believe the disinformation. This is incredibly safe, no matter how you choose to vote,” Boockvar said.

Nearly three million Pennsylvanians have applied for a mail-in ballot. So far, more than one million have been returned, including almost 225,000 in Allegheny County.