Beaver County officials say to call the Election Office if there is an issue or concern.By Nicole Ford

BEAVER CO., Pa. (KDKA) – With just eight days until Election Day, some voters are still waiting for their ballot to arrive.

“I look in my mailbox, I look in the mail when my son goes and brings it in and I say, ‘Do you see my ballot, do you see my ballot?’ And he’s like no it’s not here,” said Suzanne Saxon, a Beaver Co. voter.

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For Saxon, the last few weeks have been filled with frustration.

“It’s my right to vote as a United States citizen. And when I don’t get my mail-in ballot and can’t go to the polls, that right is being taken from me,” Saxon said.

Saxon, along with several other voters in Beaver County, told KDKA that it’s been a month since their application was approved with no ballot.

“There are some unfortunate situations that happen. Right now, our election office has zero backlogs. Anyone that has requested a ballot up to today has been sent one or received one,” said county commissioner Dan Camp.

The Election Office reports over 20,000 mail-in ballots are already in. Officials say if there is an issue or concern to call the Election Office.

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“You want to get an answer so keep calling. Just know there will be times you may have to hold or call back multiple times,” Camp said.

Saxon said that’s just what she did and the office said her ballot would be reissued. KDKA found out Monday that Saxon’s ballot was reprinted last Thursday and should be arriving soon.

As for anyone else experiencing the same wait, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“We just ask all our residents of Beaver County to reach out and be patient. There is a lot going on, but we will make sure your vote is cast,” Camp said

According to Camp, there is not a need to add extra phone lines and staff yet, but they will before next week if necessary.

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As for any issues with ballots, county leaders said there were about 200 ballots sent to undeliverable addresses but have been put in the correct voter’s hands.