By Rich Walsh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For many years, Seneca Valley defensive coordinator JP McFeeley loved being under the ‘Friday Night Lights’ in Butler County.  But this year, those lights dimmed.

Over the summer, McFeeley’s daughter Scarlett was born with a rare genetic disorder called ‘Noonan’s Syndrome’ which causes congenital heart defects and major lymphatic issues.

Scarlett has spent most of her young life at Childrens Hospital with her parents by her side.

“The prognosis is not good right now,” McFeeley says.  “It’s the gravest of circumstances and we are just hopeful that with some experimental medication that her body hopefully begins to recover.  It’s been a tough road for her from the start and just moving forward for us, we just want to be there for her along this journey until we can find some type of miracle to get her fixed.”

While the McFeeley family waits for a miracle, J.P.’s football team is leaping into action.  Head coach Ron Butschle started a GoFundMe to help pay for the family’s expenses.

“It was amazing,” says Ron Butschle.  “I put it out there and within a couple of hours there were thousands of dollars in it and within 24 hours we had almost met the goal of $25,000.”

Donations have poured in from hundreds of people involved with the school and sports programs.  They even received some funding from their biggest rival: the North Allegheny Tigers.

“They are a first-class operation,” says an emotional McFeeley.  “When I saw that, it means a lot.”

The McFeeley family has more questions than answers when it comes to Scarlett’s prognosis, but they do know they are proud to be part of such a supportive community.

“It’s been totally amazing,” McFeeley says.  “We’ve been hearing from friends and family, people that we’ve never met and will never meet because they’ve been anonymous donors.  It’s been awesome to see the Seneca Valley community show up to support us.”

If you are interested in helping out the McFeeley’s, click here.

The family would also like to raise awareness for others who are dealing with Noonan’s Syndrome. For more information, click here.