By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The FTC says more than two dozen websites have been selling Clorox and Lysol products then never delivering them.

There are 25 websites the FTC says aren’t affiliated with or authorized by the companies that make Clorox and Lysol, and no customers who paid for cleaning and disinfectant products ever got what they ordered. They also say these websites made it difficult for consumers to get refunds.

The FTC accuses these websites of playing off people’s fear of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The FTC is working hard to stop fraudsters who try to scam people with false promises of scarce cleaning supplies during the pandemic,” said Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Andrew Smith in a press release.

“If a seller seems to have items that are out of stock everywhere else, do an online search for complaints about the seller or website before you buy.”

These are the websites a federal court in Ohio issued a temporary restraining order against at the FTC’s request: