Kids of all ages will just love these Stem in a Bag kits! There are activities ranging from crafting Alka Seltzer Rockets, Marble Run Challenges to creating a Recycled Bird Feeder.

Click on a link to open a printable activity to work on at home:

Fraction Flip Final – STEM in a Bag

Foam Glider Final

Marble Run Challenge – STEM in a Bag FINAL

Make 100 – STEM in a Bag – FINAL

Leaf Sort

Hoop Glider Final

Hand Pollinator Final

Flying High Final

Fishing with Magnets

Factor Bingo – STEM in a Bag

Fabricated Fossils Final

Dermer Sled Kite – STEM in a Bag (2)

Cryptography (STEM Expo version)- STEM in a Bag

Coding with Cards – STEM in a Bag

Build a Clock Tower Final

Bridge Challenge – STEM in a Bag FINAL

Astronaut Egg Drop Final

Aquifer in a Cup Final

Alka Seltzer Rockets Final

Agriculture in Action Seed ID – STEM in a Bag

Water Filter Final

Tessellations Final


Tallest Tower Challenge – STEM in a Bag FINAL

Storm Shelter Final

Recycled Bird Feeder – STEM in a Bag

Propeller Power

Parachute STEM in a Bag