He's now behind bars facing multiple aggravated assault counts.By Ross Guidotti

PERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – A man is charged with threatening to attack his sons, but the boys were able to get away with their rescuer taking the brunt of the attack.

According to state police, Jason Carocci’s behavior has been worrisome to several neighbors, including one imparticular.

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“He demanded that she allow him to charge his cell phone at her residence,” says trooper Robert Broadwater.

Broadwater adds, “He was observed swinging the baseball bat at cars as they drove by on the street.”

But Tuesday night, state police investigators say the 42-year-old Fayette County man is in jail, accused of threatening to hurt his two young sons.

Broadwater says Carocci allegedly told his sons, “he would cave in their heads. He’d cave in their heads if they attempted to leave the residence.”

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That’s when Broadwater says, “One of the children actually jumped out of a window onto a porch roof, off the porch roof onto the ground.”

Investigators say Carocci’s younger sons called their older brother to rescue them. Investigators say when his oldest son arrived, Carocci targeted him.

“He began to swing the baseball bat around. He actually struck the older brother with a baseball bat.”

That young man suffered a wound to his hand.

Troopers arrived on scene, taking what they called a very agitated Carocci into custody. The other two boys, while terrified, are physically okay.

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Jason Carocci is in the Fayette County Jail facing multiple aggravated assault counts. He was denied bond.