WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (KDKA) – Vic Walczak of the ACLUThe president’s newly hired campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani made his first court appearance.

Giuliani appeared in federal court in Williamsport, Pa. on behalf of the Trump campaign after several Pennsylvania lawyers dropped their representation.

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Before Judge Matthew Brann, Giuliani said the Trump campaign’s latest complaint should not be dismissed summarily by the court, as requested by the commonwealth.

Giuliani argued all mail-in ballots from seven democratic counties, including Allegheny County, should be disqualified and not counted.

“Mail-in ballots are exceptionally dangerous…We weren’t allowed to observe absentee ballot counting…There were 1.5 million absentee ballots that Republicans could not see…This is an outrage…They stole an election,” said Giuliani.


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Local election officials say that’s nonsense. Poll watchers in Allegheny County were allowed at all times – and Republican watchers usually outnumbered Democrats. And in a late afternoon decision on Tuesday, the state Supreme Court rejected Trump’s objections to Philadelphia’s ballot-counting process.

In federal court, commonwealth attorney Daniel Donovan said the Trump campaign’s complaint should be dismissed, saying, “The canvas objections [about mail-in ballots] were dropped in their amended complaint…They have made no claim of voter fraud…They have no standing to bring this case.”

One of the attorneys in court, Vic Walczak of the ACLU,  says the remedy Giuliani wants is to un-count the votes in key Democratic counties to give Trump the win in Pennsylvania.

“The remedy that the Trump campaign wants is to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters who did absolutely nothing wrong,” said Walczak.

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Another hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday.