The kits include hand sanitizers, masks and floor decals.By Ross Guidotti

SOUTH GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) – Located in South Greensburg, AssetGenie Inc. is a company with a worldwide reach. What do they do?

“Selling of Chromebook parts and mobile device repair. That’s the heart of what we do,” especially to schools across the world, said Marketing Manager Aaron Greer.

However, since the pandemic began, in addition to that they’ve started building COVID-19 safety kits.

“We assemble them at our Greensburg location, and the supplies are what we’ve sourced,” Social Media Content Coordinator Jessica Szakos told KDKA’s Ross Guidotti.

Inside the kits are hand sanitizers, masks and floor decals.

AccessGenie has sent these kits out to countless schools, now Szako says they’re looking to help elsewhere: “We’re trying to get the word out to any community group, homeless shelter, women’s shelter, food kitchen — we have supplies and we’re willing to donate.”

The kits are free.

“We’ve been very lucky — enough to be able to stay open and not do any layoffs and we wanted to give back,” said company President John Yetsconish.

With a global pandemic getting worse by the minute, supplies aren’t exactly easy to come by. However, according to Yetsconish, they’ve been fortunate: “We have resources to be able to procure this stuff through connections we’ve made buying parts.”

Schools can apply for safety supplies either here or here.

All non-profits and community groups can apply for supplies here.