By Lindsay Ward

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The pandemic this year has left many events needing to be rescheduled or cancelled.

It’s been a challenge, but for a Pittsburgh non-profit, they didn’t want the virus to eliminate the smiles from the faces of some very special children.

“In this society, a lot of children face battles that us adults would probably never be able to face,” said Superheroes Believe in Miracles founder, Amy Faltot.

Thirteen kids, dressed up as their favorite superhero are considered heroes themselves. Many of them face incredible challenges, each and every day.

“Bring a smile to their face and let them know that someone else out there is thinking about them,” said Faltot.

Amy Faltot is the founder of “Superheroes Believe in Miracles,” a non-profit in Pittsburgh that started in 2013. “We send out birthday packages, every month to kids that are battling any type of illness. It could be emotional illness, it could be emotional illness.” Around 180 packages a month are delivered to children all across the country.

This time of year, the organization is usually busy holding an event where kids chosen for a calendar shoot are together. They’re dressed up in their favorite costume, like batgirl or ironman, and are given the “red carpet” experience.

But because of the pandemic, pictures were done outside and the large event was cancelled and became more personal.

(Courtesy: Katie Enciso)

“We’re a traveling band. We’re bringing the red carpet to each of the superheroes homes,” said Faltot.

They’re about halfway done, but have several more stops to make next month.

Money made from the 2021 calendars will go right back to the non-profit.

To learn more about the organization and how you can buy a calendar, click here.