With a historic amount of snowfall, crews have been working around the clock to keep roads clear.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After a day and night of historic snowfall, crews both from the state and local communities were been hard at work to make sure the roads are drivable for morning commutes.

Conditions have continued to improve along Route 8. PennDOT crews were working in teams to plow and drop slat.

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Most of the road is just wet with traffic being able to move smoothly.

There are still some slick spots where drivers are going to need to take their time.

Hampton Township crews were out this morning clearing the side roads as people prepared to start their morning commutes.

Allegheny County Public Works has about 25 crews out to treat road and PennDOT has about 60 in Allegheny County.

“The county-maintained roads and bridges are looking good this morning,” Allegheny County Public Works said in a statement provided to KDKA’s Chris Hoffman.

“Our crews continued to plow and salt throughout the night, and we have 24 trucks treating the roads this morning. There might still be some occasional slicks spots, so we encourage drivers to remain cautious, slow down, avoid sudden stops, and leave extra room between their vehicle and the one in front of them.”

Both ask drivers to give their crews room to do their work so they can keep the roads clear.

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Public Works Director Stephen Shanley says their 360 miles of roads are in good shape. He is advising drivers to still use caution because there’s the potential for icy spots as the day goes on.

“The roads are in good shape around the county,” Shanley said. “Just with temperatures dropping, you’ve just got to go slow and make sure you’re not going too fast or you could experience some icy patches with any type of run-off or freezing water.”

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Shanley said to be careful near bridges and overpasses and they could be the first to freeze.

However, the city of Pittsburgh was a bit of a different story. For many in the city, it was a tough commute this morning. Several roads were still snow-covered and icy.

Some of the well-traveled roads were more clear but as for the side roads and areas in neighborhoods, those remain full of snow.

“We haven’t seen anything like this since at least 2010,” Pittsburgh Public Works Director Mike Gable told KDKA’s Andy Sheehan. “I think our guys did a pretty good job and still are going a good job during the day.”

Crews were busy trying to clear parking lots, roads and sidewalks as much as possible. By noon, city plows were already well into clearing the narrow, hard-to-reach side streets.

Many city residents are digging their vehicles out and shoveling sidewalks and putting salt down. Drivers are also taking it slowly throughout the city because many areas are still a mess from the several inches of snowfall.

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“I thankfully have all-wheel drive on my car, which helps, but not everyone is so fortunate. I’ve seen a lot of people coming home from work yesterday stuck even and were on the side of the road in ditches and everywhere else,” said Tim Fehir of Pittsburgh.

People KDKA talked to say although they knew snow was on the way, they didn’t expect it come as fast as it did.

“The continuation is a little much though. Like it was consistent. It didn’t slow down at all until about 5 or 6 in the morning,” said Antonio North of Pittsburgh.

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According to the Pennsylvania State Police, 20 crashes were reported in Pittsburgh, including a portion of Washington County, on Wednesday.