Drivers are encouraged to stay off the roads tonight if possible while crews work to clear away the snow and ice.By Royce Jones

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The white Christmas everyone has been dreaming about has finally arrived.

But the snow rolled through and brought some ice along with it.

Now, maintenance crews are working 12 hours shifts to make sure people are safe during their holiday travels tonight.

According to Pittsburgh Public Works Director Mike Gable, there are more than 40 crews across the city spreading salt and plowing snow. Meanwhile, PennDOT says they have more than 60 crews working across Allegheny County.

Crews are still battling the snow and ice left behind from the storm last night but are shifting their focus towards those smaller roads they were unable to reach during that time.

They are doing this all while tackling the freezing temperatures today that could turn the roads into a bed of ice.

Drivers are encouraged to stay off the roads while crews get a handle on this.

“As much as we want traffic on the roads, they’re really a hindrance,” Gable said. “The traffic helps work the material but a lot of traffic out there could be a nightmare.”

“Obviously [we want drivers to] slow down,” said Allegheny County Maintenance Manager Lori Musto with PennDOT. “Give our crews time to work. Especially with these cold temperatures, salt is a little slower working and re-freeze happens so much quicker.”

If you are hitting the road tonight, drivers are also reminded to be aware of changing weather patterns which could make the road conditions a little spotty.