A White Christmas was a nice visual but for many it's become a headache.By Shelby Cassesse

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It may have been a White Christmas this year but now it’s causing a headache for many Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Many residents have reported their streets remain unplowed and untreated, making for dangerous driving and walking conditions.

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Carrick is one such neighborhood, with Spokane Avenue right in front of Carrick High School still covered.

Some residents of Carrick decided not to wait for the city and took snow removal into their own hands, shoveling the streets after waiting for city plows and salt trucks.

“This is all the neighborhood that gets out and has to do this,” said Peter Freeman, a Carrick resident.

“It’s horrible,” added Biff Austin. “It doesn’t ever get plowed and salted unless calls and complains about it. I think they forget it’s here.”

Austin has been living in Carrick for 12 years and feels as if they get overlooked after a winter storm.

“There was nothing cleared this morning when I took my daughter to work,” he said, “18th street was covered, Brownsville Road.”

However, Carrick isn’t the only Pittsburgh neighborhood dealing with these conditions.

There are several unplowed or slick roads in Overbrook, as well.

KDKA has received several calls and emails from viewers complaining of poor conditions in neighborhoods such as South Side, Lincoln Place, and Hays.

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Pittsburgh City Councilman Anthony Coghill, the representative for District 4, posted to Facebook this morning that his office has received over 50 complaints regarding streets not being plowed. He says the holiday is partly to blame for the slow start.

District 4 includes Brookline, Beechview, Bon Air, Carrick, Mr. Washington, and Overbrook.

A representative from Mayor Bill Peduto’s office has said that crews are continuing to work to clear streets and Department of Public Works staff from other divisions are also coming in to help.

“It’s getting to be a dangerous situation,” said Freeman. “I don’t know if I can get up this street right now. There’s been nobody that’s laid salt down. We pay taxes and this has been going on year after year.”

Carrick and Overbrook aren’t alone.

Brookline’s Berkshire Avenue was still pretty well-covered with snow and ice when our teams were out and about on Saturday evening.

The city also has said that certain neighborhoods are also experiencing delays in trash and recycling collection, saying some neighborhoods that were supposed to have trash pickup today may not have it until Monday or Tuesday.

Not only did the covered roads cause a headache for residents, but it also became a hazard for drivers.

About 800 Duquesne Light customers were without power after a car accident took out a utility pole and its wires on West Liberty Avenue.

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According to Duquesne Light, crews initially had a tough time getting to the scene because of the icy roads but now they say the vast majority of customers should have had their power restored.