Born on December 27, 1975, the Terrible Towel is now the most iconic symbol in Steeler Nation.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – December 27, 1975, is one of the more iconic days in Pittsburgh Steelers history.

That was the day that Myron Cope created the Terrible Towel.

45 years later and the iconic yellow towel is a symbol that unites Steeler nation from Pittsburgh and all across the globe.

The former Steelers’ broadcaster recalled the fateful day in his book “Double Yoi!”

He describes that the vice president of WTAE Radio, Ted J. Atkins had the idea that the radio station carrying the Steelers games should come up with a gimmick for fans ahead of the playoffs.

“I am not a gimmick guy,” Cope wrote in the book. “Never have been a gimmick guy.”

It was then when the station’s vice president of sales, Larry Garrett told him that if he came up with a successful gimmick he could be in a position for a nice raise from the station.

“I’m a gimmick guy,” Cope conceded.

Cope went on to recall the day that he would never forget.

“Nearing kickoff, the Steelers gathered in their tunnel for introductions, whereupon the crowd exploded and suddenly by my estimation, 30,000 Terrible Towels twirled from the fists of fans around the stadium,” he recalled.

Since that day 45 years ago, Three Rivers Stadium, Heinz Field, Super Bowls, and landmarks all across the world have played host to Steeler nation’s most infamous rallying flag.