By: KDKA-TV News Staff

MONESSEN (KDKA) – City leaders in Monessen will now be required to attend special training after certain violations came to light.

A Westmoreland County judge ruled that Monessen Mayor Matthew Shorraw and city council members unknowingly violated the Sunshine Act twice in January.

The judge’s ruling said there was no opportunity for public comment when the city fired the solicitor and administrator then hired their replacements.

“The City is glad that the Court found no due process violation and concluded that penalties and other sanctions were unwarranted,” The City of Monessen said in a statement. “The City also certainly respects the Court’s decision regarding the finding of a technical violation that was subsequently rectified. I think the City and everyone involved can be glad that this matter is concluded. Council, as a team, will continue to focus on tackling the larger challenges that the City and its residents face in order to keep the City moving in a positive direction.”

The Sunshine Act required the public to attend, participate, and comment before an agency takes any official action.