National statistics show about 75 percent of all new members are taken from January.By Nicole Ford

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As the statewide restrictions are lifted, gyms and fitness centers are reopening their doors.

“It’s been mostly bad days. I’m just trying to fight through it,” said C.C. Clark.

Clark owns Clark Fit Boxing and Fitness in Market Square. With fewer people in downtown Pittsburgh, 2020 left a big hole in his business plan.

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“January is the biggest time for most gyms. Honestly, my gym is the busiest from January to summertime,” Clark said.

He’s hoping to rebound this year but isn’t optimistic this big month will match year’s past. He’s not alone.

“Right now, it is really slow,” Jessica Simms said.

Simms owns 6ycle and Sixers Move — in total three fitness studios.

“This is our third year in business. So we had expectations and goals for opening new studios and financially we just took such a huge hit trying to keep up with maintaining everything we needed to do and trying to focus. It’s going to set us back quite a bit,” Simms said.

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While she is glad the doors are back open, Simms is keeping her expectations low.

“It’s a hard year for everyone. I think a lot of people are out of work or budgeting. They may not know where their next paycheck is coming from or if it’s coming,” Simms said.

But hope and optimism will push these owners through 2021.

“Cause people are just bored from being at their house all day, every day. I think once they find a gym that is fruitful and fun, they will continue to go,” Clark said.

The new memberships for fitness centers and gyms come in the month of January. National statistics show about 75 percent of all new members are taken out this month.