Boone's mom says, 'I'd say when they're walking, they're ready to go.'

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

SEVEN SPRINGS, Pa. (KDKA) — A toddler at Seven Springs Mountain Resort is getting lots of attention for his amazing snowboarding skills.

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Boone is just 17-months-old, but his mom says he’s found a love and talent for the winter sport already. His first attempts came at just 16-months old.

(Photo Provided by Abbey Way)

“Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to see other little toddlers out on the snow, so I’ve just been counting down the days since last year,” Abbey Way, Boone’s mom and Seven Springs employee, said. “I knew that he would be ready this year because I saw a 15-month-old snowboarding at Seven Springs two years ago. He gave me the inspiration to do it.”

Abbey says her husband is a lifelong snowboarder, and she loves that Boone takes after him.

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WATCH: Boone Snowboards —


She says they started little Boone off in the house so he could learn the concept of riding and balancing.

“I’d say when they’re walking, they’re ready to go,” Abbey said. “We started him off in the house, we got a special cover for his snowboard that has a leash attached to it and we could pull him around the living room on the hardwood floor and the cover protects the floor. So, he practiced his balancing and riding inside the house first.”

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In addition to teaching Boone, Abbey says her husband taught her to snowboard too.