At this time, the FBI does not suspect any involvement from ANTIFA in the Capitol Hill riots.By Andy Sheehan

WASHINGTON (KDKA) — In posting a rogues’ gallery of suspects, who they say breached security and engaged in destruction in the Capitol, the FBI and federal prosecutors here and across the nation are asking public’s help in identifying each and every one of them.

Today, the US Justice Department filed more than a dozen federal charging documents, including one against West Virginia Legislator Derrick Evans who recorded his own activities on his cellphone, breaking into the Capitol with the mob.


Also charged is Richard Barnett of Arkansas — seen putting up feet in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Office. He’s charged with entering and remaining in a federally restricted space and theft of federal property.

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Terry Brown of Lebanon County is charged with disorderly conduct, and closer to home, the FBI and the US Attorneys Office is trying to determine if any more traveled from our region.

US Attorney Scott Brady said: “If you attack police officers during civil unrest. If you travel interstate transportation in order to incite violence, well you’ve broken federal law and that’s where the Department of Justice stand in that breach.”

Today in a reporters’ conference call, the FBI said 56 field offices are sparing no time or effort in identifying and tracking down anyone responsible, and Brady said they’ll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“This is not a revolving door of justice. Federal court we have no parole, we have pretrial detention, the penalty is up to five years for violation of this statute,” he said.

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Now in that call, the FBI was asked about rumors that ANTIFA had infiltrated the protesters and were responsible for some of the destruction but the bureau says they’ve found no evidence of that claim.