The restaurant opened Wednesday, planning to host a Pens Watch Party.By Nicole Ford

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With hockey back in play, local businesses around the arena are hopeful it will mean a boost in business.

“I have never cried as much as I’ve cried in the last few months. This is something you can’t control. No matter what I do I can’t change the law, I can’t make things go away,” said Carly Moore, the manager at Souper Bowl.

The restaurant and bar has sat along Fifth Avenue for 40 years and in Moore’s family for the same time. It’s a staple during hockey season.

“We are one of only a few left. There are a couple up the street who have hung on. But four have left just this block in the past year and that’s hard because you have a community with your restaurant owners and they are all gone,” Moore said.

Moore fears her family business could be next, but she has some hope.

“We have such a good crowd that comes in for hockey games and we miss them. People have been reaching out, wanting to help in any way if we could do something here and social distancing and watch hockey together. It would be a little bit normal,” Moore said.

On Wednesday, the restaurant opened back up and plans to host a Pens Watch Party. While the Penguins aren’t allowing fans on the inside, these business owners hope that will change soon.

“Even if it’s just a few, and we only need a few of those fans to come here to help support us. I’m just trying to stay positive and think for the best,” Moore said.

Meanwhile, some other businesses in the area aren’t as hopeful. One owner told KDKA this year is already shaping up to be as bad as last and he’s planning for the worst.