Congress is looking into the possibility that some members of Congress may have played a role in the riots at the Capitol.By Lindsay Ward

WASHINGTON (KDKA) – It’s something that has been mentioned, but is now being investigated.

Were there people on the inside, including members of Congress, giving tours to rioters last week?

It’s something that is being looked at and reviewed. There’s also talk that Capitol Police may have helped President Donald Trump supporters.

According to Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio, there are a lot of videos out there of what happened at the U.S. Capitol that investigators will be checking out.

He chairs the Appropriations Subcommittee that funds the Capitol Police and the Sergeant-At-Arms office. He also said these alleged tours consisted of groups of people and that is something that will be looked at as well.

“It’s mind-boggling, I mean, that congressmen, sitting congressmen, may actually have helped insurrectionists storm the Capitol, that’s Benedict Arnold territory,” said former U.S. Attorney, Harry Litman.

Several people involved in last week’s violence have been arrested, but numerous law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, continue to work and identify those associated with violent behavior.

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