Police say this is incident had two volatile elements: alcohol and a broken heart.

BROWNSVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) – State police say what happened at the apartment on Middle Street in Brownsville, Fayette County began with a visitor in the middle of the night.

Trooper Robert Broadwater told KDKA, “The victim in this case received a knock on the door, more of a pounding, an agitated pounding we’ll say.”

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According to troopers, when the man got to the door, he found a very drunk and angry 24-year-old Nancy Jane Hawthorne at the door, the bottom of it kicked out.

Broadwater said Hawthorne believed there was a female in the house, perhaps a new girlfriend.

Troopers say the man who answered tried to calm things down, getting Hawthorne to her vehicle to head home. Instead, Broadwater says the Uniontown woman headed toward the startled victim.

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“Accelerates her vehicle and hits him with the vehicle, pinning him against another parked vehicle,” Broadwater says.

After pinning the victim against the car, police say Hawthrone pulled forward and let the victim know he should move.

“‘Do you want me to hit you again?'” Broadwater says Hawthrone said.

Injured, the man stumbled away but got close enough to Hawthorne’s vehicle, grabbing the keys. Hawthorne ran away but returned only to be arrested by waiting troopers.

The victim suffered multiple cuts and bruises.

State police say they believe this is what happens when alcohol and anger collide.

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As Broadwater put it, “At some point, you get that little voice in your head that says ‘maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.’ Maybe this is one of those incidents where you listen to that voice.”