Allegheny County has administered the most vaccines out of any county in Pennsylvania.By Chris Hoffman

ALLEGHENY COUNTY (KDKA) — COVID-19 vaccines continued Sunday for healthcare workers.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Allegheny County has administered more than 38,000 doses, more than any other county in the state.

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Dr. Natalie Gentile is working to make sure other professionals get the vaccine like she did.

“I had a sore arm and we hear a lot of people with that,” Dr. Gentile of Gentile Direct Primary Care said.

She and her family battled COVID-19 in November.

“I was quite ill with COVID. I wasn’t hospitalized, but I was sick for about seven days,” Dr. Gentile said.

Dr. Gentile knows the value of these shots.

After helping to vaccinate 100 private and unaffiliated healthcare workers last Sunday, the Allegheny County Medical Society stepped up to 300 this week at their North Side office.

“It’s good for the rest of the community as well. Not just yourself but to prevent spread throughout the community,” Allegheny County Medical Society President Dr. Patricia Bononi said.

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“This just makes me feel a lot more comfortable knowing that I will be vaccinated,” Dentist Dr. Rachel Zaremsky said.

Dr. Gentile says they had a wait list of more than 1,000 healthcare workers. She says between this clinic and other distributions all were able to get the shot, but the demand keeps growing.

“It seems like vaccinating is starting to pick up, but people are absolutely still having issues having access,” Dr. Gentile told KDKA.

The medical society plans to host another clinic next weekend. Dr. Bononi wants to get these professionals vaccinated so some of their practices can safely vaccinate the general public.

“They’re out there taking care of patients. The sooner we can get them immune to the COVID the better,” she said.

Dr. Gentile wants to make sure others can be protected from what she dealt with.

“I know that if I had something and now I do that could bring down the severity of illness. That is so reassuring. I urge anybody who can get the vaccine to please get it,” Dr. Gentile said.

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If you fall into this field of healthcare workers and still need a shot, you are asked to call the Allegheny County Medical Society.