By: KDKA TV’s Jennifer Borrasso

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh will be represented at President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

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Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald is making the trip to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday for the inauguration.

Two weeks ago, Fitzgerald got a call from Rep. Conor Lamb. Fitzgerald said Lamb could take one person with him to the inauguration and he chose him. The county executive will be taking his security detail with him to D.C.

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“After the results and the events of particularly Jan. 6, I thought it was important that I be there,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald, along with a limited crowd, will witness history on Wednesday, when Biden will be sworn into office.

“He cares about southwest Pennsylvania,” Fitzgerald said. “So I not only wanted to show the support of Joe Biden, which I do and Kamala Harris, but also the reception of the peaceful transfer of power of what we care about as democracy in America.”

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Fitzgerald will leave for Washington on Tuesday morning. He said when he travels, he normally does not take security. This time, he will take his county police detail. Fitzgerald said it was recommended.

“I’ve never taken security with me on an overnight trip. I will this time. I am going to be taking my detail with me,” he said.

The Allegheny County leader says his security detail won’t be allowed access inside the perimeter.

“The government needs to continue. We need to take security measures. I feel like it’s really important that we in southwestern Pennsylvania be represented at this very very solemn, official ceremony,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald wants to assure everyone that law enforcement is staying vigilant in the region.

“Our law enforcement at all levels, the FBI, city police, county police, state police, all monitoring things, picking up tips, etc.,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald recently learned when he participated in the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial that he was injected with the vaccine. He still must get a coronavirus test in D.C. before the inauguration.

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A spokesperson for Lamb says he is grateful that Fitzgerald will be his guest.