The Census worker told the judge she had to get tested several times and contact the Pennsylvania Department of HealthBy Amy Wadas

CHARLEROI, Pa. (KDKA) – A judge found a Charleroi man guilty of coughing on a Census worker and then telling her he had coronavirus.

KDKA talked to Terry Fonner after his court hearing wrapped up in Charleroi Monday. The judge ordered him guilty and to pay a fine.

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“I never had COVID. I’m an active worker,” said Fonner.

(Photo: KDKA)

This comes after U.S. Census Field Representative Tonya Dennis filed charges against Fonner, claiming he coughed in her face several times when she came to his door at the end of December. She said Fonner told her he had COVID and that she had it too.

Amy Wadas: “You didn’t cough and say, ‘I have COVID, you have it too?”
Terry Fonner: “I don’t believe in that and would never do that.”

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“During COVID times, she was trying to get me to do an in-house interview. I’m 63-years-old, I have fears about the COVID and she was threatening me with criminal charges,” said Fonner. “I never opened the glass door that was separating the two of us for the whole interaction between her.”

However, Dennis said the door was open. Fonner claims Dennis had her mask pulled down when she came to the door, but she told the judge she had it on. Fonner said he didn’t have his mask on since Dennis startled him in his sleep.

Dennis told the judge she had to get tested several times and even had to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

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KDKA reached out to the U.S. Bureau for comment and is waiting to hear back.