The teachers' contract expired last summer, the union said.By Amy Wadas

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

MARS, Pa. (KDKA) — Teachers in the Mars Area School District are “striking” a new tone with school leaders…they’re threatening to hit the picket line.

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They say enough is enough and want a new contract as their current contract expired months ago.

The teachers have informed the school that if they do not get a new contract soon, they will strike.

The union, the Mars Area Education Association, says the teachers attempted to negotiate a new deal on Wednesday night but it did not happen.

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According to the union, their current contract expired in June, and told the superintendent of their plan to head to the picket line if a new deal isn’t drafted up.

Teachers have been considering a strike since November and they have been negotiating with the district since September of 2019.

Meanwhile, the union is stressing the teachers are willing to negotiate as much as possible to avoid affecting families.

Their deadline for a new contract is February 19.

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If a deal is not reached by then, the union has said teachers will go on strike at the beginning of the work day on February 19.