Football, wings, beer, pizza, and hoagies - it's the "Super Bowl" for a lot of local restaurants.By John Shumway

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Wings, hoagies, pizza, and even more…whatever your tastes are, there’s a Super Bowl snack for you!

For those that make the ingredients of our Super Bowl super spreads, this is a huge weekend for their bottom lines.

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While it’s obviously a big day for beer distributors, the delis are slicing away and pizza shops like Mineo’s can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday.

“One of the busiest days of the year, for sure,” said Sean & John from Mineo’s Pizza House.

Mineo’s has rolled out and sliced up pizzas for all the previous 54 Super Bowl Sundays.

“If you count the cut pies, too, we’ll probably do around 6-700,” they said.

They come in early to get things cooking.

“It slows down after kick-off, a little bit at halftime, and kicks back in,” Sean & John said. “Good Super Bowl, everyone’s happy, come after.”

The bakers at Breadworks are already cranking out plenty to meet the demand for hoagie rolls.

“A lot of our retailers like Pennsylvania Macaroni, Labriola’s, and T-Bones up north, multiple retailers that we do, all are gearing up for this Sunday for that product, and probably going to be the biggest seller,” said Fred Hartman, owner of Breadworks. “It’s a four-inch, one hot sausage bun, pull apart, comes in a dozen pack.”

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Now, is there a difference if the Steelers are in the Super Bowl or not?

“Oh, 100%,” Hartman said. “If there Steelers were in this game, we’d be off the charts.”

The same goes for Mineo’s.

“Probably another 25% more,” they said.

Losing the first game of the playoffs? That was a disappointment for Hartman.

“It stings a little bit, I’ll tell you what else hurts them losing that first game, we would have gotten another week, another week of excitement, another week of people anticipating the sports team in this city drive,” he said “A lot of our business.”

Even without our Steelers in the game, they like what Super Bowl Sunday does for their bottom lines.

Hartman says it’s about a 50% increase in business.

Americans consume a lot of food and drink on Super Bowl Sunday – according to certain studies, Americans will eat about 8,000,000 pounds of guacamole and 12.5 million pizzas.

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Maybe we can say that calories don’t count on Super Bowl Sunday.