Officials said a towing company and an insurance company are working to get the vehicle removed.

By: KDKA-TV’s Jessica Guay

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A shocking car crash in Mt. Washington was caught on camera and the vehicle involved has been stuck for days.

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Neighbors on Ruth Street said a driver behind the wheel of a Cadillac driving down a snow-covered Kathleen Street late Monday night must have lost control and drove between several homes. The car has been stuck there, at nearly a 90-degree angle, for four days.

The crash was caught on Benjamin Cover’s security camera.

“It was a little after midnight and I heard a loud crash,” said Cover.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“The whole house shook. It was like a matter of 15 seconds,” said Emily Laumer, another homeowner in the area.

“I just heard this loud boom. I literally thought someone was breaking into my apartment,” said Julia DeWeese, who is renting an apartment.

Neighbors said the driver caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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“There’s a dog pen behind us and it’s completely crashed. So it’s kind of crazy they didn’t hit any houses or cars,” Deweese said.

Pittsburgh Public Safety said police informed officials that the vehicle was reported stolen in McKeesport.

Cover said the man and woman who were in the car left the scene after the crash. He also said he could hear the man say something about reporting it stolen on his security camera footage.

“You can hear the person saying, ‘Don’t worry about it, babe. I’m going to report it stolen,’” Cover said.

“I peeked out and I saw people walking up the stairs. So I leaned out and said, ‘Excuse me?’ And they looked at me and locked the car and continued to walk up the hill,” Cover added.

The homeowners are all baffled about what happened, but they said another crash like this happened two years ago.

“My question is why hasn’t something been done since this has happened before? Why is there not a guardrail here? Why are there not pillars here, something to protect these houses?” Cover said.

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McKeesport police are handling the stolen vehicle report. Officials said police were checking on the Cadillac on Friday. They also added that a towing company and an insurance company are working to get the vehicle removed, but they can’t safely remove it now.