The new owner hopes to have the home ready for guests within the next few months.By Ross Guidotti

PERRYOPOLIS, Pa. (KDKA) — Three decades since it premiered, “The Silence of the Lambs” is still considered one of the top suspense horror movies of all time.

The film prominently featured a home in Perryopolis, Fayette County as the dwelling of serial killer Buffalo Bill. The iconic 100-year-old home went up for sale recently but wasn’t on the market for long.

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Photo Credit: KDKA

“We kind of focused on the movie history, and we got six offers in the first two weeks”, said real estate agent Eileen Allen.

Chris Rowan, a huge fan of the movie, now owns the motion picture landmark. And he has killer plans for it.

“We’ll be a boutique accommodation. So you will be able to book Buffalo Bill’s house for a stay overnight,” said Rowan.

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In addition to renting the home for personal stays, Rowan also plans to open it up to tours and rent it out for special events, including weddings. The 30th anniversary of the Best Picture Oscar winner coincides with the new CBS drama “Clarice.”

The small screen adaptation follows the career of Clarice Starling after her time with Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill. After just the first episode, Rowan became an immediate fan of that, too.

“It’s absolutely amazing. It’s a wonderful show. It’s a great way to pick up the story where “The Silence of the Lambs” ends,” said Rowan.

The home is now decorated with memorabilia from the movie, and at least one big renovation is in the works. Remember the basement well in the film? It never existed in the real home, but now there are plans to dig a well in the basement to make the home feel just a little more creepy.

Rowan hopes to have the home ready for guests within the next few months. He’s currently running a contest for anyone wanting to win the chance to be the first person to stay in the house for two nights. It runs through Feb. 28.

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You can find the contest rules on the house’s Facebook or Instagram pages, which are linked through the house’s official website here.