"Right now we are low on salt, lower than we'd like to be."

NORTH HUNTINGDON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – It was another day of snow in Westmoreland County. Roads were covered early and plows were scraping along blacktop. Residents wish it would all stop.

“Yeah, not really, it’s nice to look at but it’s a pain to shovel,” said Ryan Mudrany from Greensburg.

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But while most folks can find snow shovels and, if lucky, salt, one municipality says salt supply is becoming an issue.

“Right now we are low on salt, lower than we’d like to be,” said North Huntingdon Township Manager Jeff Silka.

He says the township has 3,400 tons of salt that hasn’t been delivered. So where it is?

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“The vendor isn’t giving us a good reason,” he says.

That vendor is American Rock Salt. KDKA’s Ross Guidotti reached out to the company at its New York headquarters trying to find out where North Huntingdon’s salt is at and when it’ll arrive. He’s awaiting a response.

Whatever the reason, Silka says it needs to get here quickly.

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“We have 600 streets at 150 miles of road. To do one pass in the township, we use about 150 tons of salt,” he says.