"Better planning from the beginning would have prevented all of this."By Chris Hoffman

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – The state Department of Health is still dealing with the Moderna vaccine mishap where second doses were given as first doses. It said the vaccine mix-up will take a few weeks to correct.

The state is guaranteeing anyone who got their first dose will get their second dose.

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“Having communication would be really nice on what to say to people,” Blueberry Pharmacy’s Dr. Kyle McCormick said over Zoom.

Dr. McCormick said he has a waitlist of 16,000 people for the COVID-19 vaccine, and he is now dealing with the Moderna mix-up.

“Clear communication. Better planning from the beginning would have prevented all of this,” Dr. McCormick said.

Right now he does not have his second doses of the Moderna vaccine, but he’s hopeful about getting those soon.

“The state says they’re prioritizing second doses, so I’m hopeful that we would get second doses,” Dr. McCormick said.

State leaders say not labeling the boxes of vaccine — first or second dose — may have played a factor in the mix-up.

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“Some providers may not have been aware, that one box was for second doses and one box was for first doses,” Department Of Health Press Secretary Barry Ciccocioppo said on Thursday.

To make up for the mishap, some pharmacies may be delayed in getting their second dose.

Dr. McCormick said the state needs to give providers a timeline on when the vaccine should arrive.

“I would not want to have to deal with the headache of not knowing until the day before that we are going to get this,” Dr. McCormick said.

At this point, he is telling patients he has no word on when a second dose clinic will happen, but he promises to get a second dose to those who need it.

“You’re going to get it. You’re going to get a second dose. They’re prioritizing second doses. I just can’t give you date as to when,” he said.

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Dr. McCormick said if you have a delay in getting your second dose, don’t panic. At this point, a week or two delay will not force you to start over the vaccination process.