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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Good morning, even with highs in the mid 40s for today, there is a snow chance first thing this morning.

The farther north you live, the better the chance you’ll see some snow this morning.

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Also, westward facing slopes of the Laurels will also have a good chance for seeing some snow this morning.

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Morning temperatures in Pittsburgh should remain a couple of degrees above the freezing mark with temperatures hovering around freezing along I-80.

Noon temperatures in Pittsburgh are expected to hit the low 40’s with highs today around 44 degrees.

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50 degree weather is still expected on Wednesday and over the weekend.

There is still some uncertainty due to an active polar jet being around for the week.

If the jet stays to the north like forecast, we get seasonally warm weather with little to no chance for snow.

Slides to the south? Hello winter holding on, making us feel a little of what it must feel like to be Canadian.

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These two air masses are set to battle it out through the week.

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For the most part, warmer air is expected to win out, but just like a good football game, both teams will score and have their highlights, even though I am fairly confident the warm air will be victorious in the end.

If anything, warmer air will win out this weekend with highs forecast to be in the 50’s both on Saturday and Sunday.

Up until now, cold air has really won out this winter.

Temperatures are running well below average this month by a whopping 7 degrees through Sunday.

It’s currently the coldest month on record since February 2015 when we averaged a daily average temperature of just 18.3 degrees.

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We are nowhere close to that this year with an average of 23.4 degrees.

If we hit the 50 degree mark on Wednesday, it would be the first 50 degree day of the year.

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