"I want them to think of these two beautiful souls who touched a lot of lives while they were here.”By Royce Jones

AMBRIDGE, Pa. (KDKA) — About 100 people poured into the P.J. Caul Memorial Park in Beaver County for a memorial service on Tuesday.

The group consisted of community members, leaders, family and friends of 22-year-old Jasmine Bright and 16-year-old Jeffrey Bright. The siblings were allegedly shot and killed by their mother, Krisinda Bright, inside their home on the 900 block of Maplewood Avenue on Monday.

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Jaci Palmer, the founder and director of PRISM of Beaver County, helped organize the service.

“I don’t want them to think of the tragedy,” Palmer said. “I want them to think of these two beautiful souls who touched a lot of lives while they were here.”

PRISM is a support group for LGBTQ+ youth in Beaver County. Loved ones said this was a second home for Jeffrey, also known as JJ.

His older sister would often tag along for meetings, they said, both leaving a lasting impression.


“JJ is very loud, very happy. She was very quiet but very sweet,” Palmer said.

As loved ones reflected, the two had different personalities but shared one similar brightness.

“They both were very talented, very artistic and just good kids. Really good kids, but they were both very sweet,” said Palmer.

Friends told KDKA that Monday’s alleged crime was totally unexpected, but admit, in hindsight, something definitely seemed off with the siblings’ mother.

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Heather Reed, a youth support coordinator for PRISM of Beaver County, said, “I didn’t even realize that she unfriended us on Facebook. That’s what makes me think there was something going on.”

Krisinda’s mom, Peggy, told KDKA that she stopped by the family’s home on Monday but only stayed for about 15 minutes because her teenage grandchild was doing remote learning. She pointed out that her daughter is divorced and has had problems with her ex. But Peggy does not know what happened.

She has not talked to Krisinda since she was arrested.

While the community heals from this tragedy, some are defending her character and calling for forgiveness.

“She doesn’t know how special she really is. I wish she would have reached out to me or someone,” said Reed.

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“As a mom to a mom, my heart is absolutely broken,” said Palmer.

Tanisha Gardner, a family friend, said nothing seemed strange when she saw Krisinda last week.

“There were no identifiable struggles that I saw in her. She just was happy at the time,” Gardner said.

PRISM is providing emotional support for members of their organization to help cope with the loss of their friends.