Eileen Hertweck, a well-know nurse in Beaver County, died after a nearly two-year battle with leukemia.

PITTSBURGH, PA (KDKA) – In his Washington County basement, Scott Blasey reflects.

“It’s devastating, but you still have to get up in the morning. You still have to take care of the people that you love and that’s what Rob is doing and soldiering on,” Blasey said.

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For nearly 40 years, music has connected Blasey to his original band members of The Clarks, a rock band beloved by many in Pittsburgh. On stage and off, they’ve been through a lot together: marriage, children and now death.

“It was really emotional for me and there were times when I wept because she was a good friend and I just lost my friend and now I have to do this show and memorialize her in a way,” Blasey said.

His Saturday night basement show was meant to be a fundraiser for guitarist Rob Hertweck’s wife Eileen.

“But I’m sure this will come as a sad surprise to others, Eileen passed away very early this morning at about 2:30,” Blasey announced on his Facebook live.

Eileen, a well-know nurse in Beaver County, died after a nearly two-year battle with leukemia.

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“And I think it’s still kind of a shock to all of us that physically she isn’t here. I mentioned it in my show the other night. I feel her presence,” Blasey said.

So, Blasey decided to pivot his basement concert fundraiser, to honor a member of the Clarks family and support Rob and his two daughters.

“One of the things Eileen felt very strongly about as a nurse was, ‘I’m going to help you.’ I don’t care what color your skin is, your sexual orientation is or your political views, I’m here to help you,” Blasey said.

That philosophy continues. A portion of the GoFundMe meant to pay for her treatments will now help to create a scholarship for Beaver County nursing students.

“So her legacy will live on. Eileen Hertweck, people will know that name and young nursing students will benefit from her generosity, her giving,” Blasey said.

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If you want to help the family, here is a link to the fundraiser.